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Front-End Engineering

Our proven expertise in project development and capital planning will ensure that your project starts off on a solid foundation.

We understand that when it comes to project work, surprises are never good. Our capital planning services guarantee that your project scope is clearly defined and your project funding needs are accurately predicted.

Front-end engineering design and project planning provides clients with a strategic plan clearly outlining all of the specific requirements of the project at the early stages to help identify risk areas, opportunities for value engineering, and provide a cost estimate for budgeting and capital approval purposes.

JNE offers pre-feasibility studies to select the best available technology for your project. We conduct a feasibility study for the selected technology to develop a detailed project execution plan, including Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expense (OPEX), project schedule, and financial return on investment (ROI) with sensitivity analysis.


Functional Specifications

Process Equipment Planning

General Arrangements

Project Scheduling

Requirements Planning

Operation Assessments

Needs and Facility Analysis

Detailed Workflow Analysis

Formulation Development

Conceptual Design Support

Feasibility Studies

Technical Building Audits

Process Audits

GMP Audits

Project Budget Estimates

Assessments of Building Code Conformance Requirements

Project Budget Estimates

Project Planning + Design

Strategic Planning

Functional/Space Programming

Requirements Planning

Needs and Facility Analysis

Process Equipment Planning

Project Scheduling

Operational Assessments

Workflow Analysis

Legislative Approval

Preliminary Engineering

Environmental Compliance Approval

Plant/Equipment Layout

Site Plan Approval

Utilities and Service Requirements

Building Permits


  • Functional Specifications

  • General Arrangements

  • Requirements Planning

  • Needs and Facility Analysis

  • Process Equipment Planning

  • Project Scheduling

  • Operation Assessments

  • Detailed Workflow Analysis


  • Environmental Compliance Approval

  • Site Plan Approval

  • Building Permits


  • Plant/Equipment Layout

  • Utilities and Service Requirements

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