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High quality forensic investigation services
with a strong attention to detail.

High quality forensic investigation services with a strong attention to detail.

JNE’s Forensic division provides forensic engineering services for insurance and legal clients. Our team consists of civil and structural professional engineers — experts in the analysis and design of steel, wood, concrete, and masonry structures — as well as mechanical and electrical engineers who specialize in the design of mechanical and electrical systems. With many decades of experience, our team has established an excellent comprehension of legal implications, a strong sense of ethics, and attention to detail. We are always thorough with our analyses and continuously provide detailed, concise, and informative answers to aid in the efficient and practical resolution of your investigation.


Structural damage assessment.

Computer modeling, analysis, and design.

Structural collapse and failure investigation.

Building envelope assessment.

Preparation of demolition plans.

Electrical and mechanical system design assessment.

Building code review.

Preparation of engineering reports.

Assessment of unsafe buildings and scope of emergency measures.

Preparation of engineering drawings and general review during construction.

We specialize in these types of property claims.

We specialize in these types of property claims.

JNE’s forensic experience encapsulates a wide range of structures. We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and farm buildings. We also have experience analyzing structures such as swimming pools, tanks, silos, cranes, racking systems, stages, and ladders.

Fire + Explosion Damage


Snow Load Collapse

Wind Damage

Tree Impacts

Vehicle Impacts

Vibration from Construction Activities

Settlement + Soil Erosion

Water Damage

Construction Damage

Engineering success since 1980.

Engineering success
since 1980.

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