Technical/Specialized Expertise


JNE Consulting’s technical expertise and capabilities in the power industry field are demonstrated by our long-term partnership with Innovative Steam Technologies, which manufactures Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGs) for the industrial and power generation sectors.

An OSTG recovers the heat available in a gas turbine exhaust system. The steam generator has a once through flow path on the water/stream side. As such, all water that enters the OSTG leaves as superheated steam without any recirculation.

Our relationship with IST began when JNE Consulting was awarded the contract for the structural design and detailed drawings of two OTSGs, including associated ductwork, stacks and platforms, for the Brownsville Peaking Power Plant in Brownville, Tennessee. At the time, the fast-track project was the largest engineering contract that IST had given to an engineering consultant.

Our contribution was so successful that we have since entered into a formal partnership with IST to provide ongoing high-level engineering support. It is one of a number of long-term relationships and partnerships that JNE has developed with its customers.

For IST, JNE Consulting also provides services in the area of highly specialized finite element analysis and modelling for sophisticated mechanical and/or structural components. Our years of experience, which have enabled us to take an innovative approach to large and small projects, include simple model under static loading to the very complicated models under time varying temperature loading with nonlinear material properties.


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