Health & Beauty Upgrade

“The quality of this installation has set a new benchmark for P&G work in Asia and the schedule, while falling short of ‘rush’ Western schedules, has also been a benchmark to previous performance in China.”
John Wilkinson, Procter & Gamble Program Manager, HABC Expansion Program

When P&G wanted to expand its Health and Beauty Care (HABC) operations in China to increase the capacity for the manufacture of hair, skin and dental care products, JNE undertook a series of projects to upgrade and enlarge the existing production facility.

JNE Consulting provided engineering, procurement, and construction management services to modify an existing hair care facility in Guangzhou, China, to accommodate a new manufacturing process. Concurrent to the process changes was an introduction to process control utilizing new technologies and operator controls. The process control had previously been done manually with the inherent problems of inconsistent batch results.

The introduction of the PLC-based control system and HMI for operator process control enabled consistently high-quality batch output. The project successfully incorporated North American standards for clean design, layout and equipment selection.

Another project was a new 10,000-square-foot building addition to an existing beauty care facility. The building housed new dentifrice making and packaging systems, in addition to increasing the capacity for the manufacture of hair care and skin care products. The facility accommodated raw materials storage and distribution warehousing and afforded central utilities for chilled, hot and DI water.

For this, JNE Consulting provided project definition, detailed construction design, cost engineering, equipment procurement, scheduling and planning, logistics and construction management. This building addition used a pre-engineered steel-building system, and the design utilized conventional North American technologies, materials and construction methods, as opposed to current Chinese construction practices. This was done to increase the span of the building’s usability.

Further projects included the design/build of a new dentifrice production facility as well as a skin care making facility. In addition to setting quality and schedule benchmarks, the total installed cost came in 10% under budget — a P&G first for a project of this size in China.


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