Finishing Division Improvement


JNE provided basic engineering to define scope, schedule and the project estimate for the finishing division upgrade, followed by multi-discipline construction engineering to support the construction effort. Services included engineering project management, civil/structural, electrical, mechanical, piping and HVAC (building services) and design control.

In addition to the basic engineering and construction engineering efforts, JNE also provided project management and construction management supporting services including estimating, construction trade coordination and Quality Assurance/Quality Control(QA/QC).

No. 1 CPCM

Phase One of the program consisted of the following:

  • Upgrading a pickle line to improve product quality and increase its capacity.
  • Upgrading Dofasco’s existing continuous pickling cold rolling mill (No 1 CPCM).
  • Constructing a new pickle line to be coupled to an upgraded existing cold rolling mill to create a second continuous pickling cold rolling mill (No 2 CPCM).
  • Replacing the two existing acid regeneration plants, which recycle and re-condition materials used in the pickling process.

No. 2 CPCM

The No. 2 CPCM project involved the installation of a new continuous pickle line coupled with an existing cold mill. The work included:

  • Rehabilitation of the existing building (structural steel, cladding, crane girders, etc.).
  • Installation of new infrastructure (i.e., building extensions, utility and services upgrades).
  • New equipment installation of new pickle line section including strip transfer equipment (foundations, equipment installation, temporary commissioning arrangement etc.).
  • New TCM entry and exit equipment required for coil handling and movement (including foundations, M/E, existing mill equipment upgrades, etc.).
  • New TCM mill stand equipment retrofit for increased throughput.

The new acid regeneration plant replaced the two existing plants with additional capacity. The technology that has been adopted is a fluidized bed system where the waste pickle liquor is regenerated and returned to the pickle lines, while the residue is converted into dust-free iron oxide pellets.


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