Safety is the responsibility of every employee, habitual in our daily activities, and, held to the highest standards. It is of the utmost importance for our success.

JNE Consulting Limited has a full-time environment, health and safety management team. This team designs, implements and monitors our company safety program.

Managers and employees are encouraged to contribute ideas that will further improve our Environment, Health and Safety Standards. JNE Consulting employees are equipped with the appropriate safety systems and receive continuous training. Our Safety Program includes “The Seven Safety at Work Principles”.

Environmental assessments are performed during the preliminary planning phases of every project to limit negative construction impact and protect the natural surroundings in the vicinity of our project zones. All projects are issued an “Environmental Management Plan”, which outlines procedures to which every employee must adhere.

Our project activities are ecologically sustainable with minimal impact on the natural environment. We manage waste by following the best practices of the 5 R’s: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Recycling programs are in effect at all JNE locations and project sites wherever possible. We endeavor to offer our clients environmentally friendly alternatives for their projects and prefer to buy products that will prevent hazardous waste.