JNE Consulting offers complete engineering solutions for a wide range of industries.

Front-End Engineering

JNE Consulting’s range of front-end engineering services include formulation development and conceptual design support. We can conduct and present feasibility studies that will consider the dimensions necessary for the completion of a project, such as Technical Building audits, process audits, GMP audits, project budget estimates, and assessments of the requirements for building code conformance.

Project planning and design involve the strategic planning of a project, functional/space programming, requirements planning, needs and facility analysis, process equipment planning, project scheduling, operational assessments, and workflow analysis.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Services

JNE offers a broad range of multi-disciplinary engineering services for design and construction. These services are performed with a keen eye to maximizing a project’s cost-effectiveness. We can supply full-service engineering, encompassing an array of disciplinary concerns (mechanical, electrical, process, packaging, instrumentation and controls, as well as civil/structural/architectural). We can also attend to program management and procurement and logistics.

In conjunction with JNE Automation, JNE Consulting can provide comprehensive control system design and programming. In conjunction with Triple Crown Enterprises Ltd., we can tender construction management services, including the administration of construction contracts, contractor progress claims and reports, and field reports, change order control, substantial and final completion certification, and commissioning.

Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews

Additionally, we offer specialized engineering services in relation to the Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs) that are now required by law in all projects in Ontario.

We have developed a successful, efficient and proven PSR approach that allows us to accommodate projects of any size or complexity, such that we have now executed 1500 PSRs. Specialty areas involved with PSRs include: lasers, x-rays, robotics, and microwaves; hazardous chemicals and molten materials; material conveyors; control systems; electrical classifications; and safety devices, like E-stops and light curtains.

JNE can provide process safety studies that will strive to prevent incidents involving explosions, fire, chemical hazards, pressurization, and vacuum conditions. These safety studies are designed to not only eliminate injuries to personnel, but also to limit asset loss and the interruption of business.


JNE Consulting has developed a specific approach to commissioning which occurs at the final stage of construction. It comprises of the work required to bring all systems in the new facility from mechanical completion to operational status, and so start validation OQ processes.

This approach integrates commissioning with construction and validation, allowing JNE to complete projects on a shorter schedule while doing so at a lower overall cost to the client. This enables us to achieve clear transitions from phase to phase of the project while maintaining a continuity with available resources (technology knowledge). By consolidating matters in this way, projects can be realized more efficiently and with greater flexibility to conditions that might otherwise delay completion.